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Software Features and Versions

New forchemical vendors: Chemical Structure-Searchable CDROM Catalogs

Software Features and Versions ChemDBsoft Lite Demo ChemDBsoft Lite ChemDBsoft Standard
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Drawing of structures:
Search by structure, substructure and similarity:
Atoms available for structure drawing: C, N, O, P, S, Cl, Br, F, Si, D All atoms from periodic table. All atoms from periodic table:
Batch SDF import/export: Limited to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Database size: Limited to 50,000 Limited to 50,000 10,000,000
Number of databases: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Structure templates: 10 70 70
Synthesis planning:
Timer(New feature!). Allows setting a data field on alert each time a DB is open. As an example, it is useful for entering expiration dates or order/project due dates.
Technical support:
Manual: Download Download Paper
Free database of available organic compounds, building Blocks and intermediates:
Additional Modules (Purchased separately):
Barcode module:
Drug Like properties calculation:
Lipinski, H- Donors, H-Acceptors, Rotation Bonds, N+O, Polar Surface Area (PSA)
Diversity and Similarity Analysis and Sorting:
Software for HTS and Combinatorial Chemistry:      
Structure Processing (SDF, MOL files browser, editor, converter, analyzer):
Spectra Management (NMR, MASS, and IR spectra processing):
Chemical Database Web Server Software:
Chemical Glossary(20,000 chemicals with names and structures):